Good food in Sapa is the best favorite

Sapa is known as the culinary paradise with many attractive dishes of the Northwest. Along with the Northwest specialties, Sapa is also famous for charming European dishes. Which good food in Sapa is favorite? When coming to Sapa, what food must you try?

Sapa Salmon Hot Pot, special food only in delicious Sapa restaurant

Sapa Salmon Hot Pot is the most special dish in this dewy city. Salmon Hot Pot is prepared from salmon grown at the foot of Thac Bac mountain. Sapa salmon hotpot has a very specific flavor that cannot be found elsewhere. The salmon in Sapa has firmer, more fragrant, reddish flesh.

The main ingredient of the salmon hotpot is the head of salmon with a few thin fish fillets and shredded meat. The auxiliary materials for salmon hot pot mainly include tubers to make the water for sweet, together with ripe pineapples, tomatoes to add citrus. When you eat salmon hotpot, you will feel the aroma and sweetness of fish.

good food in Sapa

Attractive Italian cuisine in Sapa restaurant

In addition to these specialties, Sapa also has the dishes of Italy which are Sapa pizza, pasta, Burger, Sandwich.
Pizza Sapa has a lot of flavors that help diners to freely choose the taste according to their preferences. Delicious pizzas such as Pizza seafood, beef pizza, salmon pizza to chicken pizza, vegetable pizza,…

Which Sapa restaurant you must definitely visit?

Italian Corner Restaurant is known as the best Italian restaurant in Sapa. Highlights of the restaurant with beautiful scenery is designed based on Italian architecture. From the arrangement of tables and chairs, the color lanterns bring a romantic, beautiful scene. The restaurant is the ideal place to save beautiful photos.

good food in Sapa

The restaurant’s dishes are processed according to their own recipes, so that once customers have tasted the food at the restaurant, they will remember forever.

The first special Good food in Sapa to mention is the pasta. The soft noodles, which comes with specially blended water that captured even the most demanding guests.

Not only famous for minced meat sauce, but also pasta at the restaurant has many other flavors. Such as: Seafood Pasta, Fra Diavolo pasta, Baked Lasagna, Carbonara, Bolognese with parmesan cheese, Pesto pasta, Boscaiola Pasta,…

Pizza at the restaurant is also exceptionally delicious. There are many types of pizza for diners to choose. Each type is a special Italian flavor. Margherita, ParMa Ham&Margherita, Bolognese pizza, Marinara pizza, Stromboli& Pork pizza, Vegetarian pizza, American pizza, Milano Salami pizza, BBQ Chicken pizza, Buffalo Bell pizza, Salmon pizza, Gorgonzola pizza,...

In addition to Pizza and Pasta, the restaurant is also famous for its burgers and sandwiches. You can choose Ham cheese sandwich, Chicken Sandwich , Tuna sandwich, C.B.E Sandwich or Chicken Burger, Beef Burger,..

good food in Sapa

Sapa is not only beautiful with romantic scenery, but also Sapa is attractive food paradise.

Do not forget to visit the Italiancorner restaurant to enjoy the Good food in Sapa and experience the best service. Come to Sapa once to enjoy a dream life.

Address: 025 Cau May Street – Sapa own – Lao Cai

Hotline 1: 0981 383 368 – 0912 955 933

Hotline 2: 0214 873 455